Rent to Social Housing Investment Opportunity 20% NET Return Per Year

Rent to Social Housing Investment Opportunity

Our client is pioneering a new model for social housing in the UK. They provide housing for vulnerable groups while delivering returns for investors. Their approach involves leasing units from landlords, refurbishing properties meticulously, and partnering with developers and managers.

This unique model addresses urgent housing needs while benefiting all stakeholders financially. Our client offers immediate solutions to the housing crisis and drives sustainable societal impact through infrastructure improvements and strategic collaborations.

Combining social responsibility with lucrative investments sets our client apart. They are redefining social housing as lasting homes that create positive change. We are proud partners in their impactful, redefining work providing quality housing equitably.


The Mission

Shelter’s thorough analysis of official homelessness figures, along with responses to a Freedom of Information request, reveals that one in 208 people in England are homeless. Among them, 2,400 individuals sleep rough on any given night, while 15,000 people reside in hostels or supported accommodation. Additionally, nearly 250,000 individuals are living in temporary accommodation, predominantly families and children.

The strategy focuses on converting commercial properties into affordable housing, directly addressing the critical shortage of social homes and reducing reliance on unstable private renting. Through this approach, our client contributes to reducing the numbers of those in temporary accommodations and experiencing homelessness, by providing stable and secure homes.


The Market

The UK Government is experiencing a budget shortfall due to the inadequate availability of social housing units.

Over the next decade, the UK Government has earmarked funds (£15bn) to address social housing challenges, with the goal of providing accessible and affordable housing for those in need, while enhancing stability and security within housing communities.

Our Client intends to expand its operations to supply social housing units for the Affordable Housing Programme (AHP), with a £9.6 billion deficit available, underscoring the potential for scalability.

The Model

1. Acquire

Investor funds are utilised to lease large commercial and residential units choosing prime locations. Following the acquisition, they renovate these places to make modern homes that are spacious and of a high standard.

2. Secure

They form strong partnerships with government- backed agencies in social housing. Working closely with them ensures a steady demand for our renovated homes, helping to address housing shortages and support vulnerable populations

3. Housing

The revenue model is grounded in partnerships with government agencies, ensuring a reliable income from these units. They focus on both making a positive impact and staying financially stable. Their approach benefits investors and involves the community too. Through innovative conversions and community support, they’re actively tackling the housing crisis.

Why choose this model?

Our client stands out as a premier choice for addressing homelessness with innovation and cost-effectiveness. By transforming large commercial properties into HMOs, they significantly enhance housing availability for vulnerable families, all while minimizing investment costs compared to conventional buy-to-let models. Their collaborative approach with private landlords, investors, and local authorities ensures efficient delivery of safe and suitable social housing. This unique strategy not only meets urgent housing needs but also promotes community stability and affordability, directly impacting families and children in need.

The Numbers

Single Unit

Minimum Investment – £13,500

Total Return – £21,600

Payment (Per Calendar Month) – £600

Per Annum ROI – 20%

Total Net ROI – 60%

Total Term (Months) – 36

Grace Period (Days) – 90

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