Our Story

We Create Value

Not only by realizing an extremely equitable and timely return from the sale of your home but also by being good listeners, by providing you with sound advice and by being highly strategic in the approach we take to both marketing and sales in one of the most alive yet complex markets not only in UK but in the world.

We Idealise Innovation

We are leaders in constantly inventing and refining new ways, new facilities and new technologies to allow us to better serve our clients. From our own distinctive visual identity to highly interactive and user-friendly websites, we embrace change – but never change for change’s sake. Instead, each new innovation must be beneficial to our clients – ever more effective techniques for selling homes and for getting our clients asking price for their homes.

We Do The Right Thing

In every professional relationship, we are always straight-forward, genuine and honest – we treat people the way we would want to be treated. We work extremely hard on behalf of our clients. A lot of them describe us as being “expectation exceeders.”

We Are Family

 Coincidentally Viden Property began as a family business from the bright minds of two brothers. But these days family has taken on a much bigger meaning. Nobody just works for Viden – they are both friends and family (and we can say the same for some of our clients).

Our whole teams input into how decisions that contribute to the sale of your home are made, and everyone is constantly encouraged to contribute his or her ideas on how we can serve our clients better. 

As a client you of course become apart of our family, we look to you for your input and suggestions, in particular the personal stories of your home that we can share anecdotally with prospective buyers. Stories of the “sunny side” of the house on a winter’s afternoon. Or your favourite blooms in the garden you have grown through the years. It’s all part of our highly personalized, highly individualized approach to selling homes.

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